A Newly Energy Efficiency Management and Solution

旭英源節能集團是彙集中、港、台三地不同技術及專利,包括:中央空調節能改造技術、太陽能/LED節能系統技術、建築保溫系統技術、冷却水節能系統改造技術及三地專利而組成。  其致力於公共建設、商業建築節能項目,幷通過運用新型節能機制 - 合同分享能源管理(EPC)和運維托管能源管理手段,以减小的能源費用來支付節能項目與全部成本的節能投資方式。

XIY Energy Technology Holdings acts to provide products and services in a series of technologies and patents from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively, including: HVAC energy-saving retrofit technologies, solar power /LED lighting energy-saving  technologies, building thermal insulation technologies, and water purification technologies, where XIY Energy recognizes itself a "newly building energy management and solution” provider. XIY Energy Holding is committed to building energy efficiency projects with high rated hotels, hospitals, data centers and shopping malls, etc.  The invested projects can be constantly repaid by savings of the reduced energy bills.  Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) and O&M service agreements are commercially viable models that are often utilized in minimizing customer's capital injection and in reducing risk management in operation.


XIY Energy Technology Holdings is composed of companies from China Suzhou Xinriyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (Exchange Certificate: 835819), Taiwan Settway Energy Technology Corporation., / Radical Technology Products Asia Co, Ltd.  and Hong Kong Inch Technology.


商業模式 Business Model

  • 能源合同管理模式 -
    Energy Performance Contract
  • 節能效益分享模式 -
    Shared Saving Contract



能源服務管理公司 (ESCO) 提供節能技術、施工等實施,項目資金投入由用戶與能源服務公司間依合同約定共同承擔,並可與融資機構進行融資。節能收益分享依合同約定比例,節能設備得按年期折舊售回用戶。

Energy Performance Contract
Energy Saving Company (ESCO) engages in providing energy efficiency technologies and projects implementation skills.  Project capital funding is negotiated between clients and ESCO and alternatively is financed by credit organizations.



Shared Saving Contract

Customers and ESCO mutually share the energy saving benefits during the project period.  The savings are spilt for a pre-determined length of time in according with a pre-arranged percentage.  The ESCO charges upon actual performance results regarding the cost of energy saved.  The costs of the projects may be financed by banks, and credit risk can be assumed on customers or on ESCO.  Once the shared saving contract is completed, customers can decide to buy back the project facilities and equipment after depreciated value, solely gaining the whole energy saving advantages.



市場分析 - 磁懸浮空調壓縮機 Market Situation of Magnetic Bearings Chillers

High efficiency of centrifugal chillers is less common in the HVAC market among Southeast Asian countries.

High efficiency (magnetic bearings) chillers were introduced into the market.  At part-load conditions, magnetic bearing chillers can achieve a coefficient of performance (COP) of 9.5. The centrifugal chillers market is bound to grow in the buildings that have large cooling loads, and the infrastructure segment depends exclusively in the centrifugal chillers.  Per study, high efficiency centrifugal chillers are gaining ground recently in the market share, and projected sales will achieve momentum in the upcoming seasons in light of those well proven building energy saving applications and effects.  Implementing high efficiency  magnetic bearings chillers as best energy conservation solution is just at full blast in the continual state of transformation with HVAC compressor types.